AKB Kanko Taishi ep29

Fukuoka Seina, Sato Nanami, Taniguchi Megu – AKB Kanko Taishi ep29[idol48fans.web.id]150927 AKB Kanko Taishi ep29 (Fukuoka Seina, Sato Nanami, Taniguchi Megu).mp4

Show Title: AKB Kanko Taishi (“AKB Tourism Ambassador”) Special in Hong Kong
Episode Number: 29
Outline: This is an AKB48’s own monthly show currently airing on Fuji-TV’s satellite channel. In this episode, Megu and Seichan visit Morioka City to find out it’s tourist spots and attractions. Team-8’s Nanamin also appears in the second half of the show.
Category: Variety show
Broadcaster: Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Airdate: September 27, 2015
Participant(s): Fukuoka Seina, Sato Nanami, Taniguchi Megu

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