[Download] Nogizaka46's 1st Album Toumei na Iro





M2:Guru Guru Curtain
M3:Oide Shampoo
M5:Seifuku no Mannequin
M6:Kimi no Na wa Kibou
M7:Girl’s Rule
M9:Kidzuitara Kataomoi
M10:Natsu no Free & Easy
M11:Nandome no Aozora ka?
M12:Dareka wa Mikata / someone to friendly
M13:Kakumei no Uma / horse of revolution
M14:Boku ga Iru Basho / Location That I Have
M15:Anata no Tame ni Hikitai / I Want to Play For You


M01: Hoka no hoshi kara (Girl’s Rule)
M02: Watashi no Tame ni, Dareka no Tame ni (Barrette)
M03: Sekkachi na katatsumuri (Hasshire! Bicycle)
M04: Namida ga mada kanashimi (Hasshire! Bicycle)
M05: Muguchi na Lion (Natsu no Free and Easy)
M06: Sekai de ichiban kodoku na lover (Girls Rule)
M07: Ano hi boku wa tossa ni uso wo tsuita (Nandome no Aozora Ka?)
M08: 13hi no Kinyobi (Kimi no Na Wa Kibou)
M09: Ushinaitakunai kara (Guru Guru Curtain)
M10: Dankeschön (Kizuitara Kataomoi)
M11:Keishasuru / Inclined
M12:Nazo no Rakugaki / Mystery of Graffiti
M13:Jiyu no Kanata / Freedom of Kanata
M14:Hitori Yogari / Complacent

Description of the New Songs 

M12:Dareka wa Mikata(誰かは味方)/ Someone’s Ally
(Members: Eto Misa, Sakurai Reika, Wakatsuki Yumi)
※ The 3, who have recently starred in stage plays, are together in this unit to sing a song with a medium-slow number. The flowing elegance of the piano and string instruments will give an elegant feeling. And it will be intertwined with their voices; with the warmth of their stage experiences and growth of powerful expressions. This will cure the hearts of those listen to this song.

M13:Kakumei no Uma(革命の馬)/ The Horse of Revolution
(Members: Akimoto Manatsu, Shiraishi Mai, Takayama Kazumi, Hashimoto Nanami, Fukagawa Mai, Matsumura Sayuri)
※ This song, featuring the 6 members, will have an exotic sound, a song with an impressive arrangement. The tone of the guitar cutting and accordion will be a remnant to the ears. The powerful lyrics of how the youth’s “darkness of their hearts” will be cleared will also be a point of interest.

M14:Boku ga Iru Basho(僕がいる場所)/ The Place Where I am / Exist
(Members: 「Nandome no Aozora ka?」Senbatsu members)
※ The senbatsu members are back and will be singing an uptune song. The theme of the song and it’s lyrics is about “Eternal Parting.” Lyrics such as “I’ve thought about my circumstances, about the day I died..” and many others will give you a shocking feeling. The melody itself progresses in a major chord, though somewhere along the way, the lyrics will intertwine and give a meloncholy feeling to it.

M15:Anata no Tame ni Hikitai(あなたのために弾きたい)/ I want to Play (Piano) for you
(Members: Ikuta Erika)
※ Ikuta Erika will be the second member in Nogizaka46 to have a solo song! The song will be accompanied by piano, and string instruments. With a waltz-like rhythm, it will be having a powerful, yet transparent feel to it as you hear her voice. “Artist Ikuta Erika” has the potential to excelt throughout this song.

【DISC 2】
M11:Keishasuru(傾斜する)/ Sloping
(Members: Kojizaka46)
※ Kojizaka46 is back with a new song! Kojima Haruna of AKB48 and members of the “Kojizaka46” unit are collaborating for the second time after “Kaze no Razen”
This time, “Keishasuru” will have an autotune effect on their vocals in the beginning and will move onto an electro-number as the song progresses.

M12:Nazo no Rakugaki(なぞの落書き)/ Mysterious Scribble
(Members: Hoshino Minami, Hori Miona, Saito Asuka)
※ The “3 Real JK (joshi-kousei)” will sing a fascinating-sparkling medium pop tune. With a refreshing and pastoral atmosphere, the still-innocent 3 members and their vocals will be in harmony, and this song will be perfect that gives the “these are idols” outlook.

M13:Jiyuu no Kanata(自由の彼方)/ Beyond Freedom
(Members: 「Nandome no Aozora ka?」Under Members + Kenkyuusei)
※ Under Members from the 10th single and the Kenkyuusei members will be singing together in a powerful rock number. The composition has a strong melody presence, and strong persuasive vocals from the members. With everything perfectly balanced, this is an enriched song composition.

M14:Hitori Yogari(ひとりよがり)/ Complacency
(Members: Nishino Nanase)
※ Nishino Nanase, the center of the group for the first half of 2014, will also be singing a solo song after Ikoma Rina and Ikuta Erika, making her the third member with a solo song. This will be a composed ballad that she will sing. With her heartrending, yet tender voice, it will wrap up and color the song itself.
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