[Single] Maeda Atsuko -1st- Flower

Tracklist : 
01. Flower
02. Kono mune no Melody
03ACT1. Hoozue to Cafè Macchiato
03ACT2. Yoake made
03ACT3. La Brea Ave.
03T. Brunch wa Blueberry
04. Flower (Instrumental) 
05. Kono mune no Melody (Instrumental) 
06ACT1. Hoozue to Cafè Macchiato (Instrumental) 
06ACT2. Yoake made (Instrumental) 
06ACT3. La Brea Ave. (Instrumental) 
06T. Brunch wa Blueberry (Instrumental)


=>Ini tempat buat ninggalin jejak

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