[19th Single] Chance no Junban by AKB48

Regular Edition Details


  1. Chance no Junban (チャンスの順番)
  2. Yoyaku Shita Christmas (予約したクリスマス) / AKB48
  3. Chance to Junban (off-vocal)
  4. Yoyaku shita Christmas (off-vocal)
    • (Type-A Exclusive track) Kurumi to Dialogue (off-vocal)
    • (Type-K Exclusive track) ALIVE (off-vocal)
    • (Type-B Exclusive track) Love Jump (off-vocal)


  1. Chance no Junban
  2. Yoyaku shita Christmas Music Clip

First Pressing Bonus

  • Talk & Handshaking Event Lottery Paticipation Ticket
  • Bonus Store-Exclusive Picture (1) *external bonus
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