[14th Single] RIVER by AKB48

River_reg.jpg (1600×1600)

Regular Edition Details


  1. RIVER / AKB48
  2. Kimi no koto ga suki dakara (君のことが好きだから) / Undergirls (アンダーガールズ)
  3. Hikouki Gumo (Theatre Girls ver.) ひこうき雲(シアターガールズ ver.) / Theater Girls (シアターガールズ)
  4. RIVER (off vocal ver.)
  5. Kimi no koto ga suki dakara (off vocal ver.)


  1. RIVER Music Clip
  2. Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara Music Clip
  3. Hikouki Gumo (Theater Girls ver.) Music Clip
  4. Bonus Video: Something you want to be told during a date

First Pressing Bonus

  • National Handshaking Event ticket (1)
  • AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2010]] Voting Serial Ticket (1)
  • Bonus Store-Exclusive Picture (1)* *external bonus
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